Darknight, Alternative Instrumental Rock Composer

Hey, REAL music passionate! Welcome...

It's Darknight,
passionate Alternative Instrumental Rock/Prog composer

Also known as @DarknightHimself on socials

Let me introduce myself real quick...

I dedicated my life to creating the most authentic and timeless music I could.

I thrive to share with you my own take to instrumental rock and music composition in general, through the different musical pieces I've created, while advancing towards my lifelong purpose of making a mark in the history of music as one of the most influential and unique music composers of all time.

 My other passions include psychology, philosophy, sports, alternative/natural health, crypto, entrepreneurship/marketing and personal development, and I'm also an uncompromising truth and freedom seeker.

I'm in the process of creating sections / writing blogs in this website related to all that good stuff as, besides music, one of the main ways I wanna impact this world is by contributing to make it a less deceiving, more true, free, healthy and decentralized place. If you share any of these interests, you might be on the lookout of the upcoming sections...

But for now...

Let's start with music!

Did you listen to my song Well, It's Time yet?

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darknight - well, It's Time

Darknight - Well, It's Time (Official Music Video)

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