"A Different Path" is the first album composed by Darknight. It is an alternative instrumental rock album.

It has been composed in 2011 for the most part (some of the songs has been composed in early 2012).

The track list is : 
1- Darknight - Qualm
2- Darknight - In Heaven
3- Darknight - Unexpected
4- Darknight - Road
5- Darknight - Go!
6- Darknight - The experience
7- Darknight - Sorrow
8- Darknight - Labyrinth
9- Darknight - Weird
10- Darknight - Gateaway
11- Darknight - Dropout
+ B-Sides

It has never been released. And the songs cannot be found anywhere on the internet. (unless you are a member of Darknight Tribe - in which case you already listened to at least 5 of these early compositions - in their original recording form)

Darknight is planning to re-record it (as to improve the quality of the records) and publish it, in a mid-length future. 

If you wanna hear the 5 first tracks from this album right now, in their original recordings (2011), Darknight is offering these 5 tracks to all Darknight Tribe members right now, for free. You can join Darknight Tribe by clicking here : [Join Darknight Tribe]

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