Darknight music emotions poll

Hey! It's Darknight. Thanks for stepping by the Darknight Music Emotions Poll

I like to hear about how my listeners experience my music, and that's why I created the Darknight Music Emotions Poll

I know that only REAL music passionates can experience my music on a deeper, emotional level...

And that's why I'm offering free access to one of my first composed songs ever, called "Unexpected" from my first album, A Different Path (2011, unreleased) exclusively to the participants of the DMEP

This song is not available anywhere on the internet, and is generally only available to my inner-circle community, Darknight Tribe.

How does it work?Β 
Just listen to my song "Well, It's Time" that you see below, in video or audio format, and while listening, rate the emotions/moods' intensity in the form!

A text from a participant to the Darknight Music Emotions Poll

"Colors : corn yellow, white , light grey, brown and dark black. PaleSkin , delicate feather like movements , dancing ... like it’s two people forming a relationship. Bonding, sounds of hope in the music , of spring but also sounds of possible trouble around the corner. Feeling of closeness and overcome struggles. Feeling of success and togetherness. Like being taken by the hand and guided to a secret place where you see a new life."Β 

Nurse and Music Passionate
Copenhagen, Denmark

If you'd like to immerse yourself completely in the universe of Darknight, you can watch (or rewatch) the video for the full experience.

Or else, you can listen to the audio only.

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