Darknight Tribe is your chance to experience the most uncompromising, authentic and timeless music adventure of the 21th century from an insider, behind-the-scenes perspective.

Some of the things you'll be getting...

-Exclusive, unreleased songs
-Access to some songs of Darknight's first album "A Different Path"
-Access to Darknight next releases WAY before the official release date, right when they're being created (sometimes MONTHS before they're released to the public)
-Behind the scenes videos, conversations & Q&A
-Make your mark in music history by having your name literally engraved right after Darknight's (in the credits of songs, music videos, CDs, vinyls, and on his website)

Sorry! The new Darknight Tribe is currently in BETA version (as I'm working on some great stuff for you there). 

But if you're interested, please join the Darknight Tribe VIP waitlist below so you can be the first to know when it's open, and also have exclusive bonuses and a promotional offer as an early member.

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