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about Darknight - Well, It's Time...

"You know, it takes a hell of a lot to impress me these days in the music of heavy rock & metal as it's forever being reworked, usually overdone to the extremes and spoiling the music too. Then comes along someone who clearly has the talent to rebalance everything and give a fresh passionate musical piece and Now is the time which does just that."
-Ian G.
Award Winning Photographer,
Music Passionate
North East, England

about Darknight - Well, It's Time...

"You know, it takes a hell of a lot to impress me these days in the music of heavy rock & metal as it's forever being reworked, usually overdone to the extremes and spoiling the music too.Then comes along someone who clearly has the talent to rebalance everything and give a fresh passionate musical piece and Now is the time which does just that."

-Ian G.
Award Winning Photographer, Real Music Passionate



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πŸ† 1st Best Seller in the Instrumental Rock category,  in the region Paris, France

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At the end of this page, you'll be able to access an unreleased song by Darknight called "Unexpected" (for free), that's not available anywhere else

Well, It's Time...
 is an alternative instrumental rock/prog musical piece composed, played, recorded and produced by Darknight, released on December 21th, 2019

Did you know?
Darknight composes every instrument you hear in all of his music.

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Music is way more than just "entertainment" to me. I've always had trouble describing with words how powerful the inspiring impact of music had on me (otherwise I would've become a writer, not a composer, right? ;)).
But if I had to choose one word, I think I would go with "Truth".

I'm saying that, because I'm a lover of truth and its freeing effect. But also because the effect, the inspiration of a powerful melody, harmony, composition, is kinda the opposite effect that a lie, dishonesty, deceiving... have on me. Does it make sense? Probably not - But hey, that's okay! That's why I make music instead of writing ;)

For real, though. You CANNOT lie with a powerful composition. Music is one of the rare places where there's no place for lies and fakeness.

(unless you're Cardi B, but then you might even end up in the Billboard 30, but that doesn't work on real music passionates like you and me, right? ;))

What they're saying...

I just have never heard this combination of guitars before. The electric works in tandem with the acoustic and doesn't compete. I was drawn in to the music, because I could not anticipate where you were going to next. And I like that. I get bored with a lot of today's music. The skill at which you guys play is inspired. Great melodies. Can't wait to hear more.
Gustave F.

Music Passionate
California, USA

Well, It's Time...
Is often described as a melody and variations-rich, uniquely crafted, refreshing and epic Instrumental Prog Rock journey, adventure

What they're saying...

"This is a very well brilliantly composed, brilliantly mixed track. I am so impressed hearing this beautiful masterpiece that you've created. Great use of reverb for depth, delay, I also like the phase effect you've put in, creative panning, and I love how wide the width is and yet hasn't distorted the image. it's great work."
Daniel Deelchand

Sound Engineer
Arsenal FC and UnlockYourSound Studio
London, UK


β€œExcellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I still remember in my early teens, when I was a devoted music fan but not so much of a musician yet, obsessively listening and re-listening to some of the incredible creations composed by my influences, and asking myself: "what exactly makes this part so incredible ?!" - I think that's when my composer journey all started

Oftentimes, it wasn't even the complete song. It was a particular part of the song, like "between 1:29 and 1:47" that the way instruments, melodies and harmonies would speak to each other, would simply blow my mind. So I'd listen again and again to that short part in particular.

This almost obsessive passion had two reasons: 1) is that it just felt so good to listen to this specific association of sounds, and 2) especially with time, there was a desire of "understanding", musically, in terms of sounds, what notes exactly, combined with what chords, with which melodies, gave me such an effect

This passionately crafted piece, that took two years to Darknight to craft (and 8 years prior of mastering and fine-tuning his own approach to music composition), released 100% independently, has gathered praises from music passionates from all around the world, professionals and music fans alike


β€œMan is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men.”
-Benjamin Disraeli

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I'm a very "all or nothing" kind of person.

If I decide that I'm gonna do something, if I'm deeply convinced, then I'm gonna give 100%, and I'll stick to it, no matter the circumstances.

If I'm not convinced, if I don't feel a deep, sincere motivation, I'm probably not gonna do it, no matter the "reward". 

I prefer the difficulty that comes from my own choices, that I believe in, than the outmost ease and comfort that comes from someone else's, that I don't believe in.

You'll have a very difficult time convincing me of doing something by telling me "well, that's just how things are..." (otherwise, I'd be doing Cardi B style music, right? Because, you know, "that's just what works today...").

In fact, that might produce the opposite effect, as it will fuel my motivation to show, myself first and the world second, that things can INDEED be different, if we don't just settle and accept our "powerlessness" to do things in a different way.


"For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

What they're saying...

"Sounds good [...} moody, Pink Floyd-esque, very melodic [...]" 
Ryan Roxie

Guitarist of Alice Cooper
Sacramento, California, USA

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Music that "spoke" to me had a crazy inspiring impact on me. It helped me in some very hard times, it brought hope, and a feeling of power.

It was rarely if ever the lyrics. It was always about the music compositions, the voice of the singer being just one of the other instruments for me - an instrument to create a particular combination of musical notes.

That ardent desire of musically "understanding" and cracking the code of exactly what combinations of melodies, chords and harmonies created such an inspiring impact on me, has slowly but surely progressed to a natural need of creating my own...

Especially that, ironically, I was rarely if ever satisfied with a full song! Even songs by my earliest and most inspirational influences!

And as I was understanding more and more what made the compositions of my influences, I was thinking like "dude, that part between 1:29 and 1:47 was perfect! But I wouldn't have done that between 1:47 and 1:56... I would've done that instead!"

So, no doubt, I had to make it myself ;)

What they're saying...

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

My most hated words ever are "must", "have to", and "should" 

My favorite words are "choose", "want / don't want", "Freedom" and "NO" ;)

is an Alternative Instrumental Rock composer. Born in Algiers, Algeria in 1994, he composed his first album, A Different Path, back in 2011.

What they're saying...

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

My artist name "Darknight" has nothing to do with Batman. It's actually Night (not Knight) and I actually chose this artist name way before "The Dark Knight" Batman movie was out!
But you know, it's difficult to compete with Warner Bros...

So I indeed get this comparison/confusion at least 10 times a day, and while I indeed was start accepting it now and being less pissed off, I will continue this merciless battle with The Dark Knight for Search Engines referencing and SEO til the end! 
There will remain only one - and I will be victorious! 


β€œI have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” 
-Mark Twain

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I dropped out of school in late 2011, right after composing the main tracks of my first album "A Different Path".

The mainstream educational system was never for me. It always felt like something was fundamentally wrong with it, even though, at that time, I couldn't say exactly what.

When I composed "A Different Path", I was like
"OK, I'm now able to create my ideal version of how music should sound like. I wanna dedicate my life to it, to share it with the world while becoming a Rockstar and make an impact through my unique approach to music composition".

At that point, the decision was taken :)

The confidence I had in my creativity, combined with the passion I had for music, and the certainty I had for NOT wanting to live a "normal" life, as "normal" defined by society, were the combined elements that made me take that decision. 


β€œWhen a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
-Nelson Mandela

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Stopping school is probably the best decision I've ever made in my life.

There are people that are adapted to that kind of system, and I think it's great for them. But in my personal case, most if not all the valuable things I've learned, I've learned them from self-education.
Which means, doing my own researches, choosing my own sources, and following my own schedule.
And if I didn't 

I believe that, outside of some very specific specialties, the current educational system is terribly limiting and castrating, and that it's killing so many vocations and aspirations.
I also believe there's many subjects that should absolutely be teached to young people that they aren't teaching, while teaching and imposing things that should be teached only to specific specialties, to everyone, which won't ever be useful to most.

Did you know?

Darknight is from Algeria (North Africa), where the rock scene is almost non existent. This made his music adventure even more of a challenge than it already is just by the genre itself, since a rock project very difficult to emerge from there, let alone an Alternative Instrumental Rock/Prog project...
That didn't prevent him from being dedicated to his lifelong purpose of impacting as many music passionates as possible around the world through his music

What they're saying...


"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Pretty much everything I do converges in one way or another to my music career. The skills I've learned (image editing (photoshop), video editing (premiere pro), website making, digital marketing, ...) have all the goal and purpose to serve the development of my main purpose: my music career.

Did you know?

Some of Darknight's passions, hobbies and interests outside music include: psychology, philosophy, sports (calisthenics, boxing, football), alternative/natural health, nutrition, personal development, books (non-fiction only: psychology, entrepreneurship, marketing, personal development, ...), digital marketing, TV shows (Sons of Anarchy, Veronica Mars -yes, for real, one of my favs ever!-,...), video games (the list would be too long... I need a full blog post for that), creating music playlists, and recently HODLING crypto!

Darknight @ πŸ₯Š

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Actually, to be completely accurate, my passion for music and my satisfaction of what I've created weren't the only elements that helped me take the decision of dropping out of school while focusing on my music as my main purpose.

There was also a second, very important element: It was book I've read, that completely changed my paradigm, my perspectives of what's possible, and my life, quite simply put.

It did that by not only expressing, in better words and clarity that I would've ever been capable of, some of the things, values, principles I was already feeling deep down to be true but were quite difficult to fully comprehend and undertake since these beliefs weren't the most shared beliefs in my social circle, but it also opened my perspective to new ideas, and gave some real-life examples to put it into perspective and allow me to project myself into the successful people that were featured there.

The funny part is that, before this book, books were probably the thing I hated the most in the entire world. It was something I was seeing as useless and dead-boring.
But no one ever told me that a book can change your life!
After making this discovery, it was the beginning of a long love-story with (non-fiction) books, and also what took my passion for psychology to the next level.

This book was The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

β€œIf someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.”
-Marcus Aurelius

Is one person.
While there's often some confusion about Darknight being the fruit of various musicians' efforts, there is indeed only one person behind this name and project

Did you know?

While Darknight is only one person, there's often a confusion about it, and you'll sometimes read comments about Darknight being addressed in the plural.

This is mainly due, other than the fact that there's a variety of instruments and playing styles in his music, to the video of Well, It's Time displaying Darknight in different clothes, hairstyles and beard length, and with different guitars, sometimes even on screen at the same time - which may or may not have been done on purpose by Darknight to confuse the viewer ;) - 


β€œThe reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I've met many "reasonable" people, especially back in the day, that have tried to convince me that while my music is good, my music wasn't "what worked" nowadays, and therefore, I'd be better off either focus on a career AND make my "good-but-not-so-trending-music" on the side, OR make some mainstream music and THEN, when they're the "success" (a.k.a fame and money doing something you're disgusted by) come to you, NOW you can pivot and focus on your own music.

And I get their point, really. I do. Do they get mine, though? And will they ever get it?

We're all trying to adapt ourselves to a difficult and often unforgiving world, and "surfing on the current vague" often seem to be the "safest" path. Right?
But what is safety anyway?


β€œThey who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
-Benjamin Franklin

What they're saying...


"A sheep spends its entire life being afraid of wolves, only to be eaten by the shepherd."
-African Proverb

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I mean, no disrespect, but that's indeed the strategy of the sheep. 
Checking out what the others in the herd are doing, and doing exactly that.
Checking out which path they're taking, and taking exactly that same path.

But I believe that one of the fundamental differences between us, human beings, and sheep (and other breeding animals), is that as human beings, we can choose to use the sheep strategy, but we can ALSO use our minds, our own capacity to reflect, analyze, gauge the risks, and use our own powerful capacity to make choices - EVEN when these said choices go against the trend of the moment, or the group think of the herd (society, community)

Therefore, I find it very reductive, as a human being, to go with the simplistic approach of "check what's working and replicate", or "check what others are doing and do the same"

For me, it's a quite tragic way to experience life !


β€œI have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others.”
-Marcus Aurelius

What they're saying...

Well, It's Time...
 is the first officially released single by Darknight, eight years after composing his first album, A Different Path (2011, unreleased)


"People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

The idea that I'm on my own lane, working on my lifelong purpose, and that I'm congruent to myself and aligned with my values, beliefs and principles is what made me able to face and go through hard times and adversity.


"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. "
-Mark Twain

Did you know?

πŸ’‘ "A Different Path" is the first composed album by Darknight, in 2011, when he was 17 years old
πŸ’‘ The album features songs like "Qualm", "In Heaven", "Unexpected", "Road", "Go!" and "The Experience"
πŸ’‘ "A Different Path" isn't available to stream/download anywhere on the Internet as of now
πŸ’‘ Darknight is planning to re-record it and officially release it to the public in 2022 or 2023 (no official release date yet)
πŸ’‘ His inner-circle fanclub community, called Darknight Tribe, are the only ones who have an exclusive access to some of the songs of the album

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Is the risk not being financially successful, not "succeeding" in your life by society standards? Is the risk "failing"? Not becoming famous?

Or is the risk actually scarifying so much your inner voice, passion, aspiration, purposes, dreams, values, principles, beliefs, that you actually become... nothing more than an "ameliorated version of a sheep" ?

Eating, going to the toilet, do what you've been told to do (without questioning it), obeying the authority (because "they know better"), going the same direction as everyone else (because, you know, if they're doing it and they're still alive, then it should be safe...) ?

Is the risk "atrophying" so much your decision-making muscle, your free-will, your self-confidence, your self-reliance, that you could potentially find yourself doing atrocely wrong things, because you're "just following orders" or because "they told you to" ?

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Many think I'm an idealist. I don't think I am. I just strongly believe in the great human power of CHOICES. I don't believe in fatality of any kind (other than death), and the day I will start believing on that, is the day I'll start dying inside.

These ideas, this passion, this dedication literally saved my life. I was wondering at a disturbingly young age "what was the meaning of life?", "is anything actually worth it?", etc. And if it wasn't for my passions, for my almost obsessive dedication in my music career, and my strong beliefs in my choices and values, I don't know how all this would have ended. Probably not in a good way!


β€œBut until a person can say deeply and honestly, "I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday," that person cannot say, "I choose otherwise.” "
-Stephen R. Covey

What they're saying...

What they're saying...


β€œInsist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can offer with the cumulative force of a whole life's cultivation, but of the adopted talent of another, you have only an extemporaneous, half possession.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Despite the uniqueness, some fans and listeners found similarities between Darknight's music and bands like Alice in Chains, Tool, Opeth and Dream Theater...

What they're saying...

What they're saying...

What they're saying...

 has drawn his musical inspiration mainly, but not exclusively, from numerous Post-Grunge bands such as Days of The New, Tantric, Crossfade and Alter bridge.

What are the most famous bands that Darknight fans are usually also fans of ?

The Top 10 bands that Darknight fans are usually also fans of are: Alice In Chains, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Opeth, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Satriani, Alter Bridge, Days of the New

What they're saying...

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

The only way, that I know of, to write truly passionate pieces of music, is to write it as if you were writing it for yourself.

In fact, that's how your passion and true voice will shine through, and ironically, that's what allow people to connect with your music on a real deep level.

If you write to please others instead, you'll never have the same quality of connection through your art.

While there's still a lot to be discovered in the other releases, Darknight intended this melody and variation rich Alternative Instrumental Rock piece as a good foretaste of many of the different facets of his music composing style. 

What is the top 10 INFLUENCES of Darknight?
(that's a different question than the first one, which was the artists that fans also liked! )

Although a difficult question (I'd much rather make a top 100...), here are 10 taken from my top 100: Alter Bridge, Days of the New, Crossfade, Puddle of Mudd, Dark New Day, Tantric, Saving Abel, Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, Sevendust, 12 Stones, Finger Eleven, Lacuna Coil, POD, Saliva, Black Label Society, Another Animal, Bad Religion, Nickelback, Staind, Theory of a Deadman, Breaking Benjamin...
What? It's 20 already? 

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Fun fact: I've discovered some of my favorite bands through WWE. Either the entrance themes, the Wrestlemania themes, of the video games soundtracks on PS2 (The WWE Smackdown vs Raw series)

I've been a huge fan of WWE, and still am to this day! It may sound silly, but it gave me such an inspiration and a feeling of power.

Yes, we can be a fan of stoic philosophy AND wwe :)

My favorite wrestler is Triple H

Darknight's Alternative Instrumental Rock...
from one composition to another, has tastes of Grunge, Rock, Blues, Celtic, Medieval, Country, Oriental, Funk, Jazz, Metal and more.

What they're saying...

Did you know?

Contrary to what many tend to think "at first sight" when they first listen to Darknight, due to his complex and rich melodic and harmonic writing, Darknight isn't classically trained, nor attained any major music school - or any music school at all. In fact, he barely knows the "name" of the chords he plays!
He doesn't know anything about music theory. 

What is the top 10 bands for Darknight that are NOT post-grunge / rock / alt. metal ?

Darknight is influenced and listens mainly, but not exclusively, to Post-Grunge and Alt Rock/Metal bands. Here are his top 10 influences that are NOT Post-Grunge: Jamiroquai, Bernhoft, Zero 7, Norman Brown, Tech N9ne, Snoop Dogg, Mike Love, Myrkur, Air, Black Eyed Peas

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I don't believe music has to be long, or that short songs aren't good, or... any of these "criteria" considerations (in fact, most of the songs from my first album are below 5 minutes). I believe that there are great lengthy songs, and that there are great short songs.

I think the most important is to make sure that the length/complexity, if there is, is here to contribute to what the music has to say, not just the sake of it.
It's not the size that matters! I'm sure she told you that already. She was right! ;)

What they're saying...

Did you know?

πŸ’‘Darknight mainly plays on BC Rich guitars (he has a Virgo, and an NT Beast), which are generally more known for extreme metal genres.

πŸ’‘Listening to Darknight's music after seeing his guitars and his looks might be a little surprising, as his looks might suggest some way more extreme music.

πŸ’‘Darkniht fell in love with the BC Rich Beast shape from the first time he saw it, after a friend of his sent him a picture of a BC Rich Beast in his teenage years (and a little after he discovered the "Virgo", his second love), and since then, he decided that these is the guitars he wants to be playing  

What they're saying...

is dedicated to his lifelong purpose of being a rockstar while being remembered as one of the most impactful music composers in the history of music.

Did you know?

πŸ’‘ Darknight Tribe "Rockstars" members got to engrave their name in music history right besides Darknight's, as he progresses on his purpose.
And quite literally, since he includes their name into the music credits, videos credits and album credits, and also on his website! Their name will stay there forever!

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

In my opinion, there are two main differences between choosing your passion and making the "reasonable" choice:

the first one is that, when you're driven by your passion, by something you believe in, something you actually DO think is worth it, you actually WANT to wake up in the morning.

Because when you're unmotivated by what you're anticipating either short, middle or long term, you just prefer to continue sleeping rather than facing your day - which is quite a tragedy, when you think about it.

The second difference is that you're way more willing to face adversity, difficulty, lack of social validation, road blocks and even what seem like impossibilities, when you're really motivated by the purpose and believe in it.

You're also less willing to make compromises, because you know what you want and why you want it, and you're also more willing to make sacrifices, which is literally one of the most important elements, in my opinion, when it comes to achieving anything in life.

You need to have the balls the cut off many things, even when it's not the comfortable thing to do, because you know you're doing it for the right reasons.

And in order to know what the right reasons are, you need to be clear about your purpose. That's where it comes full circle...

What they're saying...

While Well, It's Time was meant as a good general foretaste, Darknight plans, through his upcoming releases, to display more and more of his personal artistic vision and unique approach to music composition - while staying 100% independent forever - which is the best way to guarantee a musician won't compromise his artistic authenticity.


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I'm not interested in record labels. I mean, the money is good and all.
But there are things that are not worth selling for money. Your soul, for instance, is one of themπŸ˜‰ 

Your artistic authenticity as well, which might have to be compromised, sooner or later, if you sign with a label. I prefer to stay authentic to myself, while inspiring connecting with my fans and listeners which are REAL music passionates, even if it's harder, and even if it has to be done one by one.


"'Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk,ο»Ώ but no flowers grow on it.'"
-Vincent Van Gogh

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Why is it important to choose your own path instead of following herd paths?

In my opinion, there's a few reasons. First, is that everyone's unique, and that's what makes humans interesting. Why determining what's a "right" or "wrong" path based on what others are doing?

Second, is that there's no place for innovation and creativity in a society where everyone just replicates what their neighbors are doing.

Third, it's also important because it sometimes happens that the mass actually terribly wrong!

And that they're themselves trapped into a limiting self-fulfilling prophecy that is reducing their own capacity to see.

This can lead to some quite absurd group think, and sometimes very dangerous. And history is full of such examples.

What they're saying...

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

Of course, I'm taking it a little far here the other extreme.
But I'm doing so to illustrate my point. Which is, for me, the second risk is way more of a "risk" than the first one.

Even if I believe I can be successful with my current project without having to sell-out to what the mainstream is doing with music (notably thanks to real music passionates like you that support me and come to my shows), and I even believe that I can and will make a mark in music history as a remembered composer.

But even if I don't, it's fine. I'm willing to take this risk. And I prefer to take that risk, than to take the risk of shocking my inner purpose and do something I don't believe in, even if this could mean "external success".

Did you know?

πŸ’‘ Darknight created an inner community called "Darknight Tribe" for his most passionate fans, listeners and supporters to experience his music adventure from an insider, behind-the-scenes perspective. Month after month, year long.
πŸ’‘ They got to access all sorts of things that aren't available to the public, such as: Songs from "A Different Path" (Qualm, In Heaven, Unexpected, ...),  behind-the-scenes footage and discussions, exclusive infos on what's cooking, backstories, Tribe-only debates and more. 
πŸ’‘ They're also the first ones to get access to Darknight's next releases, sometimes months before the official release date.


β€œIt is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming;

but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

Darknight is saying... πŸ’¬

I've always had a particular respect and consideration for the people who do not wait for the fame to start being a fan of an artist
I'm one of them, of course. A lot of my influences are underground, and some of my favorite bands are totally obscure, to the point that I have more Youube views than them now!

And the reason why, is real consideration isn't about how popular someone is, real consideration is based on your own ability to evaluate the intrinsic qualities of a given musician, artist or individual. And this doesn't need fame for it to be there.

This doesn't prevent me from being ambitious, wanting to be famous and even planning to make a mark in music history as one of the most influential composers of all time.

But this will never be what defines me, this will just be the consequence of a high quality art and an unwavering dedication. THAT, is "the cake", while fame, prestige and legacy is cool, but it is just "the topping" on the cakeπŸ˜‰

An Emotional Journey...

Well, It's Time...
has been known to take its listeners to a musical and emotional journey.

"While music with lyrics can be incredibly inspiring and emotional, instrumental music like Darknight's, take it to a whole different level, because it's YOUR journey. It's not "delimited" by the meaning of words/lyrics anymore, it goes way beyond that, it goes where YOU take it - and it's a unique experience to each person."

YOUR turn!
Enough about me! Now is your turn! I wanna know what YOU think. I wanna hear what YOU have to tell me

And I want to give you an exclusive unreleased song too, because if you made it through all this page and listened to a 9:36 melody and variation-rich unconventional, alternative instrumental prog rock piece, then you're surely the kind of real music passionate that I wanna share more of my work with ;)

You're invited !

Thank you for listening to my music and for reading. I hope you enjoyed this little "conversation" we had together.

I would greatly appreciate knowing how you experienced my music

I invite you to take part of the Darknight Music Emotions Poll, where you can let me know about your experience, and also become a little bit of an insider, as I give you exclusive access to an unreleased song called Unexpected at the end of the poll, as well as other exclusive stuff that you'll discover there

It's something I've created specifically for the REAL music passionates like you, as I want to hear specifically how people like you experience my creations

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Can't wait to check out your participation, and for you to listen to "Unexpected" !

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Darknight Music Emotions Poll

Enjoyed the song? I'd love to know what emotions it made you feel 

The Darknight Music Emotions Poll is a quick, fun and free interactive poll where you get to rate the intensity of a list of emotions, based on how the song "Well, It's Time" made you feel

Wanna help me determine which emotions/moods my music conveys?

I'd really appreciate it. And as a thank you for your passion, I'd happily give you exclusive access to an unreleased song from my first album "A Different Path" called Unexpected
(it's generally only available to my inner community, Darknight Tribe) ;)

And there's also an exclusive surprise that's directly related to the song "Well It's Time",
that you'll access when you finish the poll...

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Take me to the Darknight Music Emotions Poll ! 

A few more feedbacks from fans, listeners and music passionates...

Your turn! I want your feedback too (and I also want to give you an unreleased song).
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