dARKNIGHT's music emotions/moods poll


Hey, it's Darknight

I'm quite good at making music, but REALLY bad at describing it.

Can you do me a quick favor?
If you like my stuff, please help me determine which emotions/moods do my music convey,

because I need this info in so many situations (like when you need to pitch your music in a Netflix music supervisor's website, and he asks you to select the right emotions conveyed by your song) and I never know what to answer!

(and also because it's quite fun and interesting for me to see how you Tribals experience my music!)

If it's your first time discovering me and you landed on this page, it's OK too!

Just click on "play" below to start listening, and if you like the music, you can do the poll! 
A fresh look is always valuable.

How does it work? 
Just listen to my song "Well, It's Time" that you see below, in video or audio format, and while listening, rate the emotions/moods' intensity from 0% to 100% in the form below.

Thanks for your help - I'm really bad at this stuff, I'm not kidding.
So have fun with the form below, 
and I'm sure your feedback will be very helpful - 
just be spontaneous about it and it'll help me tremendously!

And by the way...

To thank you for participating, 
I'm offering you an exclusive, unreleased song called "Unexpected
 (that's generally only available to my fanclub community "Darknight Tribe")

And it's not just any song! 

It's one of my first compositions ever - I was 17 years old back then.
It's taken from my first album, A Different Path (2011, unreleased) 

That's when it all started, and when I decided that I was gonna be an uncompromising Rockstar that's gonna make his mark in music history with his unique approach to composition...

 I'll send it to you for FREE 🎁 right after you finish the poll!

If you'd like to immerse yourself completely in the universe of Darknight, you can watch (or rewatch) the video for a full experience.

Or else, you can listen to the audio only.

Once you have finished the poll, clicked on "send" above, and received the confirmation message in the form box above,

You can either learn more about Darknight...

Or visit Darknight's online merch...

Or listen to what Darknight is listening to on Spotify (from his earliest influences to his latest discoveries)

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