dARKNIGHT's music emotions poll



Let's find out! ;)

It's fun, quick and free.

AND SINCE I LIKE TO READ how my fans and listeners 
experience my music, and i really appreciate your passion...

i'll give you instant access to an exclusive unreleased song by DARKNIGHT (called "unexpected") at the end of the poll (100% FREE!) + a special surprise ;)

How does it work? 
Just listen to my song "Well, It's Time" that you see below, in video or audio format, and while listening, rate the emotions/moods' intensity from 0% to 100% in the form below.


Q: It's my first time listening to Darknight, can I do it too?
Darknight: Sure! If it's your first time discovering me and you landed on this page, it's OK too!Just click on "play" below to start listening, and if you like the music, you can do the poll! A fresh look is always valuable.

Q: What gave you the idea of this poll? 
Darknight: Well, let's start with a confession : I'm really bad at describing music with words (always been) - especially non-monotonous music such as the music I make. 

 I noticed that my fans and listeners, on the other hand, not only enjoy giving these feedbacks and describe their experience on my music (since they're doing it every day on socials without even me asking), but they're actually really good at it. 

And it gives some seriously interesting perspective, that I'm always interested to hear - it even helps me describe my music better when I have to pitch my music to a Netflix show for example - True story! I use the words from my fans ;)

And sometimes it's cute too ;) like Susan's feedback below

Q: What's the song you're offering? 
Darknight: I'm offering you an exclusive, unreleased song called Unexpected

And it's not just any song!

It's one of my first compositions ever - I was 17 years old back then. 

It's taken from my first album, A Different Path (2011, unreleased) 

That's when it all started, and when I decided that I was gonna be an uncompromising Rockstar that's gonna make his mark in music history with his unique approach to composition...

For some context, Darknight at 19 years old ;)

Q: Why giving an exclusive unreleased song for free, while it's generally reserved  for Darknight Tribe members (paid subscription) ?
Darknight: You doing this poll most probably means that you're a real music passionate that has a true interest in good music. That's a great reason and opportunity for me to give you more of what I do and introduce you further into my uncompromising music adventure.

While I usually do reserve this kind of exclusive stuff to those who are an inner part of my adventure at Darknight Tribe (where I share way more exclusive stuff), your passion for music is the greatest of reasons for me to offer you the opportunity to get a little more into my world.

If you'd like to immerse yourself completely in the universe of Darknight, you can watch (or rewatch) the video for a full experience.

Or else, you can listen to the audio only.

Did you finish the poll and clicked on "send" above? 

If not, finish the poll first!

Done? Great -
Here's what you can do now...

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(+ exclusive videos, backstories and a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff) 
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