FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

 Darknight & Music

What's the best place to download/buy your music? 

The best place to download my music is Bandcamp : darknighthimself.bandcamp.com

It's also one of the best place to support me, as there's a "pay what you want" option that allows you to pay more if you want to support me and can afford it.

Overall, it's an artist-friendly platform, they take the lower margin compared to all the other platforms (iTunes, Amazon...), and they allow me to reach other music passionates like you when I sell music there, by ranking in the charts.

So, even if it's just for $3, go for it, the support is real!

How can I know more about Darknight? His story? His thoughts? His views? His project?

For now, you can follow me on social medias. And the one I'm the most active in is Twitter  www.twitter.com/DarknightHimslf

I'll be launching something called "Darknight Tribe" soon though, so stay tuned!


I'm inspired by your music and project. How can I be more involved? How can I contribute, and support you?

So I'm preparing something called Darknight Tribe. But for now, if you wanna support me, you can do so by buying my music on Bandcamp darknighthimself.bandcamp.com . There's a minimum price there, but there's a "pay what you want" option that allows you to pay more if you want to support me and can afford it.

Buying my merch is also a direct way to support me, while getting some cool stuff for you that make our ties even stronger!

I also accept donations on Paypal, which will be reinvested directly and entirely in my music career, at www.paypal.me/DarknightHimself (I obviously get the bigger margin there, but you're not getting anything in return. Or you can "buy me a coffee" here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/darknight

If you can't afford buying anything but still want to support me, there's still a few things you can do!

Make sure to:

-Follow me on every music platform and social media (especially Youtube, Spotify, Twitter (the social media I use the most), Facebook, Instagram). You can get all the links here : Darknight - All Links

-Leave comments and reviews wherever you want. Tag your friends with a good music taste in my posts too!

-Spread the word! Share my music with all your music passionate friends with a good music taste (those with a bad music taste, no need to. And they shouldn't be your friends anyway, by the way. Just kidding)

Thanks for your support!

Which social medias should I follow you on? 

Twitter. www.twitter.com/darknighthimslf

YouTube and Spotify aren't really social medias, but I highly recommend you subscribe there since that's where I publish my music, and you'll also find some surprises, like Playlists I create of the music I listen to. And it also helps me reach new fans as I up the numbers there (the algorithms start pushing your music to other music passionates when they see a lot of likes and follows)!
There's also Bandcamp which I highly recommend you create an account there and follow me at darknighthimself.bandcamp.com , that's where I plan to publish some exclusive tracks, and it's by far the most artist-friendly platform out there (so if you wanna support me by downloading my music, Bandcamp is the best place): darknighthimself.bandcamp.com
Other than that, you can follow me on Instagram at instagram.com/darknighthimself and Facebook at facebook.com/darknighthimself , 
You can also follow me on Pinterest pinterest.com/darknighthimself ,
I'm also planning to start to live stream soon! So you can follow already on Twitch and Reddit, so you get updated when I go live. Twitch and Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/DarknightHimself/
To summarize :
Pinterest.  pinterest.com/darknighthimself 

What is Darknight Influences & Discoveries - Playlist? 

Darknight Influences & Discoveries playlist is the playlist where I share the music I listen to, the music that inspires me. From my earliest influences, to my latest discoveries. 
If you are curious which music inspired me to create my own, if you're curious which music I'm still discovering and listening to right now, or if you're just interesting in good music (and that we have a similar notion of what "good music") and wanna discover some more, especially in the genres of Rock, Post-Grunge, Alternative Metal, Celtic, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Old School Rap and more, you should definitely take a listen there : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2x8uUB8gaGCKOix2vy2Mcs?utm_source=embed_v2&go=1&play=1&nd=1
And make sure to follow the playlist so Spotify suggests you the new songs I add to the playlist (I'm quite active into adding new music, it's my second passion after making my own ;))
You can also take a look of my YouTube version of Darknight Influences Discoveries. There are songs that cannot be found on Spotify, so I add them on the YouTube version. It's worth taking a look into : https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL0ZC3Z36lwRTj4pdlJLPtR5YKMUfPYn0a&v=ZYG3BPvFOgs&feature=emb_title
PS: You'll be soon able to suggest and submit your own songs to the playlist! Whether you're an indie artist that wants to submit his own music, or a music fan that wants to submit his favorite song, whether it's from a well-known band, or a completely unknown musician! I only care about the quality of the music, and whether it "speaks" to me, in my subjective approach to music.
To summarize :

Payment & Shipping

What payment method do you accept?

We use Paypal as a payment gateway, the worldwide leader in secure online payments.

In the case that, for any reason, you don't have a Paypal account yet, please acknowledge that you can create a Paypal account in less than 5min no matter which bank or credit/debit card you're using! They accept them all, and they're the most secure. www.paypal.com

Where do you ship? 

We ship worldwide.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs 5.95$ f

Shipping is free worldwide for orders above $99.

How long does shipping take? 

We'll be doing our best to fulfill your order as soon as possible.

From there, it takes on average 5-14 business days for US shipping, and 10-21 business days for International Shipping, depending on your local postal service.

I know, it's not Amazon. But I'll count on your understanding on this one as you're not buying from a multinational company (yet! as I become more famous, things might change...) but from a 100% independent musician who's handling way more things than he should :)

How do I get my tracking code? 

Note: For most items, tracking codes are only available for US orders.

ÔĽŅÔĽŅYour tracking code will be emailed to you as soon as your order has been fulfilled!¬†

What's your return policy? 

If the item you received is defective, please contact us via the contact page www.darknighthimself.com/contact with a picture of the item, within 30 days of the ship date so we can arrange the return and replacement. 

Shipping fees are not refundable.

How can I contact you?

A problem, an inquiry, a love letter or just to say hi? Please use the contact page! www.darknighthimself.com/contact