‼️ Sorry, the new Darknight Tribe is currently in closed BETA test ! 
The opening date is scheduled for July 1st as of now (but it may be delayed

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What's the new Darknight Tribe about?

The new Darknight Tribe aims to make you experience the most uncompromising, epic music adventure of the 21st Century from an insider, behind-the-scenes perspective. 

I've been paying attention to your feedbacks and have been reflecting and working on creating for you, my most passionate fan and listener the most authentic, immersing and in-depth way to experience my music adventure.

That's what I'm making the new Darknight Tribe about.

You're not just one person from the public anymore. You're from my Tribe.

Engrave your name in music history, right next to mine.

As I'm making a bigger and bigger mark in music history, you'll be making yours too, right by my side. 

And quite literally, since I decided to add the name of all the Darknight Tribe Rockstar members (the main membership level) to the credits of the songs and videos I release.

Month after month, your name will literally be engraved in music history, right next to mine, as I mark more and more the history of music. 

And once I'm as influential as Mozart or Led Zeppelin, you won't just have to tell your friends "you know, I was there from the beginning", you just gotta tell them "hey, go check who's name is in his early works". And your name will literally be there, right in the credits of the songs, albums and music videos.

Unreleased songs, behind-the-scenes, early access to next releases (months earlier), and catching up with me and the Tribe

...Are the few things that you can expect from Darknight Tribe

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