"Outstanding!!! I can't wait to hear more, you've got a fan here. Where are you out of, I'd come to a show if you do anything in the N.Y. or tri state area. Best wishes in 2020!!!"

Matthew Fogarty

Music passionate & darknight fan on youtube

I hear ya, Matthew! 

No worries. I know a lot of you guys would like to see me live. With the end of the corona thing and things opening up slowly, I'll start to plan lives and tours for the future.

If you want to vote for your city with the potential to influence my next tour location, you can go check out and do the Darknight Music Emotions Poll, as you'll have the possibility to vote for your location at the end of the poll.

You can also track me on Bandsintown! I'll be announcing all my upcoming lives there (it's probably gonna be live streams -online- at first, but the real life lives are coming too) !
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