Thank you for joining Darknight Tribe!

Your Free Download : "Well, It's Time" by Darknight + 5 collector unreleased recordings, taken from the first records of Darknight's first composed album "A Different Path" (unreleased)
(these are the actual original recordings from 2011, some of his first compositions ever)
Discover how it all started!

Track list : 
Darknight - Well, It's Time 
1. Darknight - Qualm 
 2. Darknight - In Heaven 
3. Darknight - Unexpected 
4. Darknight - Road 
5. Darknight - Go!

Note : while I included Well, It's Time (mp3) for free, if you want to support me and can afford it (3$), you can go buy it on Bandcamp
(it's also the best way to get the highest quality formats of the song - FLAC, WAV, ...)  

While it's only 3$ (base price, you can pay more if you want), it actually DOES help, mostly by making me rank better in Bandcamp's catalog, which helps me get discovered by other music passionates like you (the more sales a song/album has on Bandcamp, the better they rank it on their catalog)

And you'll get a bonus track - my entry to the "Kiesel Solo Contest 2020" - only downloadable when you download "Well, It's Time" from Bandcamp!

Appreciate your support!

In any case, thanks again for joining Darknight Tribe, and welcome to the adventure!
And after listening, please feel free to reply to the email I've sent you to let me know your thoughts. 

-Would you like me to focus on releasing "A Different Path" as soon as possible, or would you prefer if I concentrate more on new music? 
-Do you feel like my old compositions sound similar to my new music, or do you feel like it changed a lot? (other than the quality of recording, while of course improved as I was using some quite amateur gear back then)

Let me know your thoughts!


PS : if you didn't yet, you can follow Darknight on your favorite platforms to make sure you won't miss anything!
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